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Jual Modul Genset Remote Monitoring Box

Spesifikasi Modul Genset Remote Monitoring Box

BSD 2.0 BSD 2.0 is a remote monitoring and controle box for GENSYS COMPACT PRIME and GENSYS 2.0 application. It communicates via GSM/GPRS/3G using a SIM card - compatible with most of the worldwide network - or over wired Ethernet. Data are saved on a server. The server offers pages presenting the values on widgets, plotting them for trending, and handling the alarms/faults (filtering). Datas are accessible through customer profiles from any plateform (PC, phone, tablet...). Characteristics: • Cloud technology • No license costs • Plug’n play for a fast operation • Email notifications of alarms/faults • Theft notice (geo-fencing) • Mimic based on widgets • Access profiles